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The Nova Scotia Dental Association is the recognized voice for dentistry in Nova Scotia, representing over 500 member dentists. Our mission is to help the dentists of Nova Scotia to be better dentists in service to all Nova Scotians

Childrens Oral Health Program

Together, we can help vulnerable Nova Scotian children have healthier teeth for life, just by making necessary changes to the Children's Oral Health Program. Learn More.....

"But in Nova Scotia, dental decay is the most common chronic disease in children"

Your Dentist. Your Community

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How our Members are making a differnce in communities throughout Nova Scotia.Learn More.....

"Nova Scotia Dentists are teaming up with individuals, local groups and organizations"

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Dispatch: Website Survey...Learn More..... NS Dentist: Dental Tourism, Oral Maxillofacial Rehab........Learn More.....